Testimonials and other results

I think [the instructor] does a great job at explaining things thoroughly and making sure that we are all on the same page before moving forward into another topic.

I liked that it was made sure everyone did the technique correctly

The timing of the lab was perfect, not too long, not too short. Also, it was very cool that [the instructor] explained the different stages of the silver nanoparticles in solution and what everything meant. I feel like this lab I truly learned more about nanoparticles.

The pre-lab was very good and insightful, and ended up being helpful for the lab work and the post lab.

[The instructor] was very helpful and the examples really do help you know what to do.

Overall, I thought the lab went extremely well. The GSI excellently guided us on the thought process behind the different models we used and all the different aspects needed for a deterministic model and a stochastic model.

I think that the discussions/lecture on how the lab connects to actual research being done was insightful and interesting.

The explanation of the applications of machine learning and how it relates to chemical engineering was interesting. Also, being able to run the models and see them using Matlab was cool.

The GSI was able to help everyone and was very patient in dealing with all out troubleshooting. His presentation was also super interesting, and was able to communicate the complex details of molecular modeling in a way we could really grasp it.

I liked that [the instructor] let us get to work on the assignment on our own right away, and that we were able to work and communicate amongst ourselves about how to approach the problems given.