Michigan Undergraduate Research Symposium

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2019 Awardees

NameYearMajorPoster TitleAward Sponsor
Jacqueline WeldaySeniorNeuroscienceRegulation of c9orf72 FTD/ALS pathology by Ubiquilin-2 The Program in Biology
Anati AzharJuniorMolecular, Cellular, and Developmental BiologyVisualizing Spatial and Temporal Expression Patterns of microRNAs in Drosophila Melanogaster The Program in Biology
Anna ArgentoJuniorBiophysicsRole of the Extracellular Matrix in High-Grade Glioma Self-OrganizationThe Department of Physics
Camille PhaneufSeniorNeuroscience and Cognitive ScienceThe Need for TLC (Tender Loving Cellphone)The Weinberg Institute of Cognitive Science
Sarah VanDiepenbosSeniorCellular and Molecular Biology Heterochromatin Anchoring and Male Rescue in the hpl-1;hpl-2 Double Mutants of C. elegansRackham Graduate School
Jessica JanaSeniorChemical EngineeringDetecting Ferroptotic Death in Lung Cancer CellsCentral Student Government
Sanika KulkarniSeniorBiospychology, Cognition, and NeuroscienceChildren’s Inferences about Digital Tracking as a Result of Ingroup and Outgroup DifferentiationThe Department of Psychology
Michael PettersonSophomoreChemistryExploring Student Mechanistic Reasoning in Organic Chemistry Through AlchemieThe Department of Chemistry
Noor GhaliSeniorBiomolecular ScienceRare Pathogenic Variants Uncover a Critical Role for Histone H2A Mono-Ubiquitination in NeurodevelopmentThe LSA Honors Program
Vinayak AhluwaliaJuniorComputer ScienceStochastic Optimization Algorithms for Robust Medical Decision-MakingTau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society

2019 honorable mentions

NameYearMajorPoster Title
Lauren HirthSeniorBiomedical EngineeringFire and Burn Risk Associated with Fiberoptic Cords
Theodore EndresenSeniorIndustrial and Operations EngineeringUsing Integer Programming to Build Block Schedules for Medical Residents
Gillian RubensteinSophomoreGender and HealthTestosterone Induced Changes to the Rete Ovarii in Adult Female Mice
Kiana SadriSophomoreBiomedical EngineeringDysfunctional High Density Protein Lipoprotein and Exaggerated Heart Disease Risk in Kidney Disease
Kaitlin McKernanSeniorBiochemistryTLR4 Mediates Inflammatory Responses to Diet-Induced Obesity and Free Fatty Acid Release in Adipose Tissue
Eli TukelSeniorBiologyInhibition of Bcl-2 Family Proteins as a Cancer Therapeutic
Sari GrossmanJuniorBiochemistryMutagenesis of Key Histidine Residues of Bacterial Cytochrome P450 for Mechanistic Insights on the Epoxidation Step within an Iterative C-H Functionalization Pathway
Colleen HadleyJunior
Cellular and Molecular BiologyEffect of HDAC6 Inhibition on Energy Homeostasis
Nicole SmithSeniorAnthropologyFragmented Realities: The Materiality and Memory of Child Migrants
Estelle Feider-Blazer

Maria Roma

Daniel Yuan


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Signal Processing for the Detection, Localization, and Classification of Transient Sounds and Material Properties

The 2019 installment of the Undergraduate Research Symposium was an absolute success thanks to the tireless efforts of our presenters, judges, and volunteers along with the enthusiasm of our attendees! Our presenters, judges, and volunteers will soon receive an exit survey and the 10 travel award winners will be announced within the next week or two.

In order to showcase the diverse research conducted by undergraduate students at the University of Michigan, we are hosting the Michigan Undergraduate Research Symposium. This single-day event will create a new forum in which student researchers from all disciplines can present their research. The symposium will be held on April 5, 2019 in the University of Michigan Chemistry Building Atrium. Selected presenters will be awarded a travel grant to present their research at a larger research conference. Students interested in presenting can submit an abstract through the link below, as well as RSVP for optional abstract and poster workshops that will be held for free in the weeks leading up to the Symposium. Please reach out to URS-committee@umich.edu with any questions.

  • What: An opportunity for undergraduate researchers to…
    • Showcase their work to peers and faculty members through poster presentations
    • Attend workshops for writing abstracts and preparing posters
    • Win travel awards that support costs associated with attending research conferences
  • Who: Open to all undergraduates who are involved in research (on-campus or off-campus)
  • When: April 5th, 2019. We will have several presentation sessions from 11 am to 4 pm
  • Where: Chemistry Building Atrium on the University of Michigan’s Central Campus

Optional Workshops

  • Abstract Workshop: February 16th, 11:00-11:45, 1437 Mason Hall – View Slides
  • Poster Workshop: March 10th, 2:00-2:45, 1469 Mason Hall – View Slides
  • Poster Workshop: March 23rd, 2:00-2:45, Central Campus 1469 Mason Hall – View Slides

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have already submitted an abstract, but some of the details have changed. Is there a way I can update what I sent in?
A: Please send your updated abstract to URS-Committee@umich.edu and include your name and poster title. We recognize a lot of projects are in flux at this point in the semester.

Q: What are the requirements for the posters?
A: The poster boards provided are 40″x48″. Printing services at the Fishbowl on Central Campus and the Duderstadt on North Campus are useful resources. Posters will be judged based on research overview, innovation, and communication. Please, do not feel pressured to design your poster based on judging, however. We want the symposium to be a place where all presenters are comfortable presenting their research.

Q: Is this the UROP symposium? Should I sign up as a UROP student?
A: The UR Symposium is not the UROP symposium. UROP students will need to present at the Program’s own poster session. That being said, we do not want to exclude any student from presenting. If you feel that your UROP project will be ready to present by April 5, and your peer advisor and project supervisor approve, you are welcome to sign up and present.

Q: I have an exam or other event that I can’t miss on April 5. Is there a way I can present at a time that avoids this conflict?
A: Presenters will be able to select a one-hour time block that works best for them between 11:00AM-4:00PM. If your schedule changes and you will not be able to attend during the time you signed up for, please contact URS-Committee@umich.edu.

Q: What is the recommended attire for the event?
A: We suggest that, as a presenter, you should wear business professional attire.

Q: Does this symposium meet the public presentation requirements for an honors thesis?
A: The UR Symposium most likely does meet the public presentation requirement. Please be sure to confirm that it does with your department coordinator.

The UR Symposium Committee

The UR Symposium was created by a group of dedicated Perch Education members interested in organizing an annual research symposium for all undergraduate students.

This symposium would not be possible without the support from the following departments, institutions, and businesses.