The goal of PERCH (Program for Education in Research) is to bridge coursework with real-world applications by designing new, research-focused courses at the University of Michigan. A key aspect of our courses is that they are developed and taught by experienced undergraduate researchers with the support and guidance of departmental faculty. Our mission is to increase excitement about education and learning new material by challenging ourselves and other students to participate in hands-on experiences which bring to life the material they are learning in a lecture hall. We utilize the platform of education as a means to increase student exposure to new techniques and applications for what they learn in a lecture format in order to better prepare our generation of students to become researchers in their fields.

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The Perch Education goals originated from the idea that undergraduate students could be exposed to valuable research techniques by incorporating the techniques into introductory university courses. A collection of students with expertise in individual research areas as well as instructional experience, Perch Education began working in 2017 to make these goals a reality. The administrators of each Perch Education class work closely with their respective departments, and the team works together on special projects.

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